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Sep 25, 2018

MD Clean Energy Center 

Welcome to Part Three in a special six-part series of More Power To You, produced in partnership with the Maryland Clean Energy Center for National Clean Energy Week 2018. Each episode spotlights a different clean energy technology, and features some of the people and companies leading the way in Maryland. 

In this episode we focus on distributed energy solutions. My guests are: 

Our conversation covers a range of issues that all stem from the electricity transition we’re in the midst of—from the old, centralized power grid to a smarter, networked and more distributed grid. We discuss how new technologies and ways of integrating them can make the system more efficient; reduce carbon emissions; improve grid security, reliability and sustainability; and serve as a huge job creation engine.

MD Clean Energy Summit

Special Offer for MPTY listeners:

Next month, the Maryland Clean Energy Center is hosting its annual Maryland Clean Energy Summit, a three-day conference from October 8-10 in College Park. The conference focuses on cutting-edge technologies, modern business models, and innovative regulations and financing solutions to ensure a secure, resilient and transactive power grid. More Power To You listeners will get a 10 percent discount on registration if you enter the coupon code MPTY at checkout. 

Recorded July 23, 2010. Published September 25, 2018.